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So sorry to hear your awful situation You need to know that you are not responsible or to blame in any way for his actions. It’s his decision to drink and sounds like he had help which is highly likely he understood the risks and he choose to handle it himself. You cannot take the action yourself. That was down to him. Not the milkman or anyone else I have a husband who is alive but drunk much of the time. I have asked myself so many times if he can possibly love me He promises me change but within a day he’s decided to drink again. He lies about how he got the drink how much he’s and will swear on anything and everything until the evidence is before him. I can see the shame on his face and I know deep down he is struggling. I feel he does love me. The pull of the alcohol is stronger. I know if he had a health scare he would stop initially but I strongly believe is wouldn’t be long before he started again. He’s not physically addicted but it’s got him mentally and emotionally I’m certain you did all you could. An alcoholic has to help themselves and only when they truly want to Be helped will help actually work. Please read some posts on here and try and contact Icarus trust and you’ll see many sad stories which back you upx

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Desperate Times by

Brilliant he’s taken the first step! Hes taken action that’s great. No it won’t be easy but your at least on the road. I have had contact with Icarus and arranged a call this week I’m sure will be the same for you. Had talk with husband at weekend. Managed to have a bit of a conversation which has resulted in new promise to cut down. I should be happy but I find it sad that he thinks willpower will allow him to drink like normal people. We’ve been here a million times and I’ve congratulated him on one day. There is life behind the eyes today. I’m now waiting for day he tells me he’s hasnt drunk and it’s obvious he has. Seeing his struggle hurts me so much. I feel guilty for not feeling optimistic. Perhaps I’ll get help in my phone call Please keep posting. It helps immensely!

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Issues by

Hi John. I stopped 3 years ago. Like you I was on path to destruction. There was no reason Good life. Job I enjoyed getting by happy relationship I was addicted and couldn’t stop. For me it was chasing that buzz of a drink and if I couldn’t have it I was missing out. Couldn’t have just one, once started would drink until passed out or ran out. I got hello via GP. Once I saw that there wasn’t a bad thing in my past it was just how I’m made. I went a few times. Gave me the insight in what I needed to do to fix it. I put it off for too long. It’s not easy but it’s better than my previous existence and I am at least well and don’t hate myself anymore. Good luck

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Alcohol help, controlling ? by

I had same experience from NHS recommended support centre. My had downplayed the amount he drunk (as he always does) but it was still a significant amount, daily and sustained over months. The suggestion was that they had seen far worse and that he wasn’t physically dependent. He’s taken this as he is fine to continue. I now cannot get him to get help. I know unless I leave he won’t do anything about it. He won’t leave. It would have to be me. I’m so unhappy with the message that he got from so called help.

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