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Hey Kaleidoscopic. You aren't alone. Pharmacy hopping to collect as much solpadine as you can, while trying avoid arousing suspicion, having a mental narrative of how soon you last went to which pharmacy etc... I've been there. I've barely left there. I'm on day 13. I stopped without help to avoid exactly your experience. Having dealt with mental health issues for the last 5/6 years and been disappointed and vulnerable in the NHS, I didn't have high hopes for anyone helping me. The only reason i stopped was because a) i'd exhausted all pharmacies that i felt i could "safely" purchase from without being refused and humiliated for the month and b) the super dodgy website i otherwise buy higher doses from (30/60mg) suddenly went out of stock and remained out of stock. I kinda see the universe as doing me a solid favour, in a messed up way. It makes me so angry for you that you experienced that with your GP! I see from another thread you've begun to taper and I'm so proud of you! I was going to suggest requesting to speak to another GP at your surgery, explaining that you're earnestly asking for help and feeling abandoned. Even just the psychological aspect of being monitored might help you. I just want to say that no matter how bad things get, you can do it. I promise you you can do it. I'm not out of the woods yet but for the last four years I didn't think i'd get it to 13 days clean and not be praying for death. But here I am. I just joined this site today but i already feel better having anyone to talk to about it. Addiction is such a dark secret and only others in your shoes are any real solace. Take care of yourself.

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