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My partner had drugs delivered to the house by

Hi Roberto, finally admitted he had a problem two weeks tomorrow, I said you need professional help,no he said I can do it on my own. Three days later I was on a 16 hour shift, I walked in he wasn't back, came in ten minutes after me off his nut. Then two days after, he's taken it a few times in the week and then Thursday bad on it and had it last night. Why haven't I left, no where to go, can't afford high rent prices.and years ago domestic violence really bad,and every now and again he goes to or does be violent. So im scared deep down of his capability especially on that stuff.i personally would say to your man, get clean then phone you. Stay away until he's clean and get out your marriage. It's not called the devil's drug for nothing. Listen to ed sheeran, bad habits. Every druggie hates that song lol, I wander why???? Stay safe and strong im here x

My partner has a cocaine addiction by

Hello lovely, yes sorry like the other ladies have said run now, it's horrendous living with a drug addict, and as awful as it sounds he will be so jealous of your bond with that baby, he will be horrible and blame the baby. Obviously it's not you or the baby, the problem is him,my husband hates my bond with me and our 4 boys because they talk and love me,obviously I've been there for them bringing them up.they don't even talk to him.very sad really but he has the choice yet he chooses,drinking, gambling and cocaine over us.yes mine is a functioning addict still goes to work but he won't admit to being an addict, only people on heroin are addicts he says xx

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Lies and deceit,and a secret life by

Hello beautiful, yes suffers paranoi too.he was off work yesterday, stayed in bed for the day, everytime I asked a question I was causing an argument.i always said my life is a best selling book or film,you couldn't make it up honestly. How can one person cause so much pain and hurt to someone they apparently love. I have unfortunately got to the Stage now where I don't care if he takes the stuff cause he's one step to death. He's here in bed next to me, mumbling in his sleep and breathing heavily.and definitely got bipolar I think x

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