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Hi georgia26 I feel so sad for you. I know walking away your feeling sick, anxious, terrified of what comes next in life. You sound strong and determined especially with a little one. I hope you have a family, or a friend that can put you up. I wish my husband would admit it. I called him out a couple of months ago.he has told me there’s no drugs in the house anymore. Yep there is and he’s been using. Don’t think he intended to give it up. He sleeps all day and awake all night then when he has to work he takes it thought out the day. I think to keep him alert and awake. He’s always unwell, headache, stomach, sinuses, hayfever, always an excuse. I can’t remember the last time we spent a day together. I need to be strong and tell him I know he still at it and give him the choice of going for help or I’m out the door. It’s so scary tho. I feel for you. I wish you all the strength, love and sending big hugs to you 🤗 You’ve got this whatever you do. Always here to support. Take care xx

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Hi lovely I’m not very well. I’ve cried all day on & off. I’ve thought how I’m going to talk to him but again I’ve got home and he’s not well and back in his room. I know he struggling with his dad death but everyone goes through this I know it just an excuse I’m struggling I just wish he wouldn’t lie to me and tell me he still takes it. Why can’t I just call him out what’s wrong with me!!!!! I want to scream at him. I feel helpless. I know I’m going to crack at some point. Thank you for being there for me. Will keep you updated how I’m getting on. Thank you. Stay strong and just keep yourself and boys safe Lots of love & hugs xxx

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