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Theresa by

I'm no where near there but I'm here . You guys are the victims that's what makes me feel the worst . Just know that you cannot control this issue but you must talk to people that have been there don't isolate . My main personally is that I have no friends no other outlook.. I lost it all.. it's hard to find a friend at 37 honestly . Lol . And that my Achilles heal . Why bother to improve when noone cares about it or there's no place to go to celebrate. That's fucking hard . But I can't die knowing I gave up

Unhappy by

I have a cocaine addiction and had two wonderful living girlfriends who I hid this from throughout my using . I lost both and lost all friends from it . The more you lose the less likely you are to stay sober because you dwell on the things you could of had so what's the point anymore . For anyone who has something good in there life work at you addiction then . Get them involved if you think they can cope with it . Don't lose everything. That's where I am . I'm on day 4 of sobriety and it's emotional and demoralising as I have no future in sight but it's the only way I will get anywhere so I have to go through this pain . I wish I had a partner to help but I only have my mum and she's been hurt so bad by me it rots me inside . Please talk to people before it's out of anyone elses hands xx

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