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New to this devastation. My son and cocaine by

You are doing so well, better than I did! I literally came to the end of the road emotionally with my son and his dad stepped in and he went to live with him. After a few weeks he couldn’t cope and he sent my son to stay with his grandmother in Switzerland ( poor her!) whilst we looked for a therapeutic community or long term rehab. My son never came back , I think the fear of rehab again was too much. He is now living and working out there, still early days and it has been a long road but fingers crossed x


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My brother won’t admit he’s still using by

Hi Lolaleigh, I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s the hardest thing to watch and yes it’s hearbreaking that they are so unhappy to need to do this to themselves. I am currently trying to get my son to go to rehab again but he is still against it despite his life not being able to sink any lower. Your brother is lucky to have you and he knows that you’re there when he’s ready to accept help. Good luck and stay strong . You’re not on your own x


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Codeine addiction by

Hi Bernice, poor you ! I know it sounds silly but it might be worth chatting with your GP first to see if there’s anything he can suggest to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms as I understand opiate withdrawal is tough. Your GP may also be able to refer you for some free counselling. Then I think it would be worth looking at a support group, NA or Smart Recovery for example to help you stay strong. It’ll also help to know you are not alone which you most definitely aren’t! All my best wishes

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How to deal with addiction stereotype within the family by

Hi Dazebot, I am so sorry for your loss. I am the mother of an addict and my husband ( not his father) is of the same view as your wife and it is incredibly difficult and hurtful to hear his views sometimes, so I completely understand. My son's behaviour and actions have been appalling but it is clearly an illness and no right minded person would behave in that way. Do you think your wife would read a book or even an article on the subject of addiction, it may help a little. It helped me as I too feel so angry with him on a regular basis! I noticed too that there have been some recent studies that indicate that their is an actual physical difference in addicts brains....

Hope by

Dear RRobin and desperate, I am so sorry to hear your stories. I too have an addicted son whose behaviour is slowly destroying our family. Just this week he has smashed his car , been mugged after being thrown out of a nightclub for using and spouted yet more lies and manipulation to his family including his beloved grandparents. His behaviour is destroying our family but I am having to hold it together and have come to realise that this means withdrawing from him for the sake of everyone else. He is going to have to take the consequences be it prison or whatever. I am so sorry for you both and wish I could help. Not sure why we all have been given this to bear xx

Resentment rides high for me... by

Hi Tigerbabby, I’m so sorry to hear your story and wish I had a magic wand! I am a mother of a 23 year old addict and can truly empathise with you, I’m afraid I have lost that trust too in my son. I think you have done amazingly well as it’s the hardest thing watching someone destroy themselves and their family with seemingly no regard for anything but themselves and their addiction. I phoned a helpline yesterday and they said that an addict is only really in love with their drug of choice and whilst they may care about you deep down they can’t really for relationships. Sorry you have no one to talk to, I don’t really talk to anyone about it, there’s such a stigma isn’t there? It sounds like you have made your decision and i personally think that feeling angry is a positive step. You don’t deserve this and you have to look after you and your son x