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Husband cocaine addict by

Hi for many years my husband has been a cocaine addict. We have been together for 18 years and have two lovely daughters, my husbband has always been the most caring husband and a great father, as time goes on our whole life has been turned upside down, we had our first child very young and then a mortgage , he would do it occasionally and it’s got a whole lot worse! Now I can’t even trust him to go to the shop! I have my own business and has grown rapidly and unfortunately this has made him far worse and it got so bad it’s every other day, he works along side me and has let clients down, always late and is causing me great embarrassment, I’ve tried to defend him on many occasions but it’s all to much , he now doesn’t work and spends the money quicker than we’re earning it ! My daughters are also picking up on this behaviour as he’s always on a come down , he blames everyone else for everything and still think he doesn’t have a problem. He now works rarely does nothing indoors to help, calls me all day , has paranoia and wont accept he has a serious issue, he has racked up loads of debt I’ve been left paying including our mortgage, for years I’ve been carrying on like this but his negativity brings me down and is unbearable, he’s not the person I married in fact he’s a utter physco!! I’ve tried everything! Apart from cocaine he would actually be the ideal husband This drug has broke him Down bit by bit, the thing is I am now feeling low and have anxiety most of the time with sick and worry of trying to cope, any advice would be appreciated Tia

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