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My Codeine problem by

Hi I have done the cold turkey after 10 years of taking the Co codamol I was sick off counting my tablets making sure I did not run out I was not only get my tablets from the doc but my friend was giving me her 100 tablets every month so 200 tablets and still running out so on the 24th July I took my last two tablets for the first couple of days I thought this is not to bad by day 4 Im thinking what the hell have I done I had to speak to my manager and she understood and I had a week off it was bad I would say for about 9 days now I'm on day 22 I feel OK iv just been taking parosetomal for any aches and pains and a vitamin tablet it's not easy but I'm so glad iv done it I'm not saying thats that no more craving because I do i think about them every day at the moment but I'm hoping that will pass in time good luck to everyone just give it a go make sure you can not get anymore tablets I told my doctor he stopped my proscription for good and my friend knows how bad iv been and she would not give me her tablets if I got on my knees and beg for them tell your family tell work if you can it will help

Co codamol addiction by

Hi iv been on co codamol for 7 or 8 years now and taking between 8 and 12 aday of 30_500 and I was sick of it counting the tablets knowing very well I will run out I had a friend that gave me her proscription of 100 Co codamol she never used them.. so I was taking 200 co codamol in 4 weeks and still running out so 8 days ago I stopped taking them and omg I can't get over how bad I still feel hot cold shivering my legs are restless at night so I can't sleep I was at work the first 4days that was bad but I told my manager she understood and I took my time just been off two days and gone back to day at 5am and I'm back home can't stop been sick no energy I'm not sure how long im going to last like this

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Co codamol addiction This is the start of day six cold turkey with out Co codamol and I feel like death iv been going to work the best thing I did was tell my partner and some work colleagues and my manager because yes iv been at work but iv done no work I have not got an ounce of strength and I'm just wondering how long it will last just until I start feeling a little better I'm not sleeping because my legs will not stop moving I can't keep of the toilet I feel so sick and stomach cramps I'm taking two parosetomal every 4 hour for the cramps iv been on co codamol 7years when I run out iv been getting some from a friend iv been taking about 8 tablets a day some body please help