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Coccaine addiction by

I'm in exactly the same position in that I found out January and although we are not officially together emotionally we are. It is so difficult to walk away from someone you love even knowing the relationship as a result of the addiction is not good. Ultimately we have to put our kids first otherwise what message does it give them? I struggle though as my ex is a gentle kind person and at his best great fun to be around. I'm not helping him though in fact I think I'm making things worse for him. I think when they can just focus on themselves life is easier for them and also they have to face some harsh truths.

5 weeks clean from coke today and thanks by

Ah that's great to hear. It sounds like you have a lot of positive stuff to live for. I showed my boy friend my post today. We split up at Christmas. He says he really wants to get his life back and he went to our local addiction centre today. I'm just getting on with my life now and supporting him from afar. I know it's a tough road ahead and it's down to how much you really want it. That suicidal come down sounds horrific. Really hope you keep on fighting this xx

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