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My struggle with codeine by

Put it down to a one of and go back to tapering the worse you start feeling about yourself will make you want more. None of this is easy people who havnt been through it have no idea. I think tapering must be harder cause I know for a fact had I tried that I would have just taken the lot. CT was the only way for me as I can't trust myself with codeine and won't ever be able to. My relapse showed me that. As welshgirl says tomorrow is another day all you can do is keep going

Addicted to co codomol by

I was addicted to codeine for over 10 years started taking it because of a bad back and skip forward I would be taking 30 30mg tablets at once that would keep the withdrawals away for 2 days then I was having another 30. Once they ran out I was buying Nurofen plus and swallowing 2-3 packs every 2 days. You can get stuff from gp to help with withdrawls but one way or the other you will get withdrawl symptoms and they aren't pleasant. It took me 3 weeks to get any normality back but I went cold turkey. Also I relapsed and found myself taking Nurofen plus again for around another 12 months. Cold turkey again but that withdrawl was only bad for 4 days. Everyone is different but believe me it's worth doing and getting free of it cause it totally takes over your life