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My lack of trust is destroying us - coke by

DaveD thanks for the words I appreciate another view . I know deep down he’s likely to be lying as for someone who did it everyday for god knows how long to just cut it completely - I can’t buy into it . I’m still watching him and I’ve ended up yet again saying I don’t trust him . He’s come home numerous nights again looking not just right still .. but drinking every night I honestly can’t tell the difference and have asked him to have a night of the drink to see my actual husband without a drop of booze . And then This is how I’m hanging on by a thread during an argument - telling him I want him to take a home drugs test to prove himself .. as I write this I know I sound neurotic . But he’s still deleting the “coke mates “ messages (he doesn’t know I know that ). And every night/morning we have this running nose from hay fever!! I’m trying to care for my small kids , run a house and keep my job and just basically keeping the front up to the outside world . I feel like if I take my eye off the ball and let this sink in - it’s going to engulf me and I have no one to talk to. Bottom line - think I’m just waiting to find the next thing .. CLB - it’s a hard place where we sit . Sounds so similar . It’s horrendous and I’m sorry your going through this too . Don’t doubt yourself - you have given as much as you can . The rest is up to him and that’s his choice if that’s with or without you as brutal as that sounds . Wishing you lots of luck and strength x

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