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Left because of husbands drinking by

Hi Can relate to what you are going through when you say you feel like you have failed him. I've had to leave my partner because of his drinking and I have teenage child to think of as well so I feel like I have failed him by leaving when he needs me too as he lost his Dad 6 months ago, but hes turned into an alcoholic :( I do feel for you, you have to put yourself and your child first which I understand is very hard when you love someone. Remember time is a healer x

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Husband OD and now in rehab by

Hi so sorry you are going through this and what you went through with your husband. I would use this time hes in rehab to get your confidence back and do things for you to make yourself feel better from all this stress. When your husband is due out of rehab I would set boundaries of what you want, just make sure you keep to them. I hope your husband can sort his drug problem out for the sake of your marriage. Clear your mind then start to think about what you really want in life. Take care x x

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I'm done by

Just like to say you sound bloody amazing! Well done to you for putting yourself and your children first and making a better life for yourself. I hope it all works out for you and your children. My story is a little bit different with my partner, I'm really hoping one day soon he can get out of his depressive state of mind from losing his Dad last year, it's so scary to think of in the last 6 months from drinking exclusively can take hold of your life, very sad and hard to see. Good luck with everything :) x x

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The illness in my family by

I can't imagine what that must feel like to know your family feels that way about your children, I have a daughter so I know I would be heartbroken. So sorry that's happening, of course you will love your children they are your children and that's what mums do! :) my partners best friend has kinda given up hope on him getting off the drink and says he's being selfish, it's an illness with depression and having to grieve for his Dad. I do have support but it's nice to connect with others that are going through similar situations. Always here for a chat, look after yourself x x

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I feel so helpless by

I'd never thought I'd find myself here, my partner is the drinker. He'd always liked a drink but in a social fun way, always the life and soul of the party. Always made people feel welcomed and such a likeable person. Last year his Dad died, he turned to drink to cope with this. My partner hide it for a while but he started to drink a little at work and one morning in early February I caught him drinking at 6 in the morning. I said to him that he's on a slippery slope and that he needed to stop before something bad happened. A couple of hours after we had that chat a proper heart to heart he went to the shop and on his way back he drank neat vodka straight from the bottle then hide it in our bin outside, I only knew this as I watched him walk up our drive, it literally broke my heart. That was just the start of the lies and secrets Its gotten that bad now last month me and my daughter had to move out of our family home, heartbreaking to do that but I had to for my daughters sake and I couldn't handle the drinking anymore. I pray for my partner and it's so hard to see him cry and asking me to help him when there is nothing I can do but just be there to listen as he's got to want the help to change his life around. Life with addicts is one of the hardest things you can ever do. I do wonder if there is anything I'm not doing that maybe I could.? Thank you for reading Bless you all that are struggling x x

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