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Has anyone tried Couple Therapy for Cocaine addiction? by

Hi. I've recently asked my partner to leave my address after I found an empty bag in the car. It was the final straw after he didn't come home again at bank holiday weekend. I've been spending more and more nights alone over the last 6 months as he doesn't come back when he says he will. It makes me feel so unimportant to him. I packed most of his stuff into the car we shared. Gave it him and went out and got my own car which I lukily can just about afford. I was scared I would lose my job as I pick up clients in the car and they could have found the bag and reported me. He's staying back in his bedsit now as I'm too stressed out waiting up for him all the time. He has admitted he has a problem and says he loves me (though it doesn't feel like it). We both have kids who don't live with us (my son is 19 and left home and his live out of the city). But we do all have a great relationship with each other in spite of it all. We talked about couple counselling for families effected by addiction but can't seem to find one anywhere. Does anyone have experience of this?

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Am I over-reacting to recreational coke use? by

Year. Feels like recreational use gets out of control in the end for many people. Im trying to be understanding and supportive of his underlying issues but it might come down to us wanting different lifestyles in the end. It is sad I guess. I feel philosophical today cos Im out of the house doin other things but I know I will get home later n he probably wont be in n the cycle of feeling anxiety, anger and sadness will kick in as Im wondering if he will come home on time later. I think Im going to sit down when I feel calmer and ask him to get help or to go stay elsewhere so I can get a break from worrying about where he is. Thanks for sharing how you feel with me and I hope you find a way through it x