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Hello, Sorry to hear you are going through this but it sounds like your husband is in denial about what he’s doing which is often what they do to minimise It, like it’s not a problem and they are in control of it but they’re not. It takes a lot of patience to block out what they’re doing and how they treat you. Mine promised to stop numerous times but could never quite stop for good, he ended up blaming me for the drugs he’s took, as if he needed a reason to use. It’s made me really ill all the lying, the deceit, the manipulation the anger/mood swings… the list goes on. If you are wanting to stick it out, I would seek some help for yourself such as counselling or find something that makes you happy, as it really does start to take an emotional toll on you. If your husband isn’t ready to admit or take responsibility for his actions, make sure you continue to look after yourself, stay strong xx

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Haha glad it did! I can relate to how you feel but I do keep thinking what am I getting out of this relationship, if i can even call it that anymore?! We just go round and round in circles and it’s exhausting and the drugs just creates a massive wedge between us. He says he wants to stop, he has a few days/ a week where he’s off it, I get roped back in, he uses again and goes on a bender, I lose my shit with him and we go through all the motions and then it’s back to where we started. It’s just no life and I think I and everyone else on here deserves so much better xx

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Aww really sympathise with you and I am sorry you’re going through it. They just treat you with such little respect don’t they. Mine will say things like ‘you deserve to cry’ ‘it’s your fault I’m using’ and it makes me feel like shit. He never really wants to address it, he wants to brush it under the carpet but still have the devoted girlfriend by his side, the one that gives him all the trust he wants while he treats me like second best to coke and does what ever else. Actually I feel like I’m 3rd, 4th, 5th best at that. The whole situation just leaves me feeling like I’m crazed. Seeing him when he’s been on it makes me feel sick and the constant sniffing is disgusting. I offered to trade his coke for £40 once so I could flush it down the toilet but he refused. He continues to say he doesn’t want to do it and he doesn’t like it, but I’m not convinced he doesn’t like it or even want to stop. Aw I think that’s awful of his mum to not support you. Do you think she refuses to get involved because alcohol is socially acceptable, so she doesn’t believe it to be an issue? Like oh he just drinks a lot? My partners family have been really supportive but I don’t always get the sense that people understand addiction. It is so complex

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