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Don’t feel too good. by

Oh no I was addicted to tramadols about 8 years ago . Forget them you don’t want to be a zombie all your life .. Your wasting your time on them. I had an operation and I was given them as pain relief they are very addictive . I know what you mean by the buzz you got from taking them I can relate but as for the speed I don’t know much about that drug and what it does to you but whatever it is surely it’s not safe . You need to find alternative ways of feeling confident and happy .. I suggest going to the gym 3x a week , going swimming , getting out often .. even a nice walk with your Mrs?

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Why does it spoil everything? by

Oh god Elaine ... sorry to hear that . Must be really hard .. You mentioned drugs but what drugs is it just cannabis or cocaine as well ? As far as I know cannabis doesn’t have that kind of effect on a person to make them act out like that .. it’s the drink ?. My advice to you is just give him an ultimatum to stop taking the drugs and drink or at least try to cut down and see if it makes a difference or tell him your leaving if he refuses to make changes .. And make sure you mean it when you say it otherwise no point because you will end up in a cycle and he won’t take you seriously. Have you tried talking to him when he is sober and explaining to him what his drugs and drink is doing to everyone around him

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