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Had enough of cocaine! Coming off here for 5 week at least. by

Danman83, Don’t think relapse is failure because it isn’t, relapse is a sign of commitment to stop and without it you would simply be a user without direction. Try to continue using this site as a therapy to you and the others you have helped because you have helped. I am certain that without this interaction you have had on this site you would have had a feeling of loneliness in your decease, so don’t stop posting for that reason. Get as much professional help as you can and focus on helping others and it will help you. Keep telling others of your progress goo or bad because it really helps. I have relapsed more time than I can remember and it can only be done with HELP. Good luck brother!

Nothing Changed by

Hi Huddle, hope your holding up, It’s very important that you use sites like this to get in touch with your feelings and situations. I feel it will be enormously useful for you because it will bring you closer to what you can do and can’t do for your son, and we can only do so much. My own brother suffered terribly with mental health issues and eventually I got the call to say his suffering had ended. We all worry about that call but as a mother you will never give up on him and that is a fact. Addicts will always find a way to feed the habit and stop at nothing to get the money to buy the drug even if it hurts others. You have already worked this out but do not give him any money at all! Feed him and assist with recovery support but remember you are not an expert so don’t put pressure on yourself to try and fix him. You are doing your best but ultimately he needs removing from everything and that is a dream we all wish could come true. I wish you all the luck in the world and remember that your a great mother with an independent sick child. I wish I had a mother.x

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Looking for advice by

B8988, Hi, yes I do still feel love but my craving and addiction has taken over so badly that love never comes first. Everyone I know and I know many who suffer this disease say the same and it’s almost like we all share the same thoughts. In some form or another I’ve been an addict for 20 years and my wife has stuck with me. Maybe I’ve brainwashed her! At the moment I am only taking tablets to fight the cravings but it still affects me and my relationship. I’m a horrible person at times and I’m an expert at telling lies and starting arguments just so I can get high/give in to the cravings so I wish I could say to you that things can change but they won’t. He’s going to try everything in the book until you realise it’s a lie or you are financially and emotionally destroyed. I’ve seen it many many times before with some very successful friends. My advice to you don’t tolerate anything other that guarantees and results, include drug tests. As you have said, you don’t want to risk it again so don’t let them kids suffer because you love the real him, it’s not him. If he’s strong enough then he will do it. I hope you have the strength.

Advice about House Mate/Girl Friend by

You really are an amazing friend! I fear most people would have given up on her. I’m sure you know this but due to her condition, addictions and mental health she is using you for everything she can get. She will never stop doing this because it gets her what she needs to satisfy her. I’m absolutely sure she loves you but You sound like your stepping back on enabling her and that’s the way forward. Just keep giving her support but nothing else and hopefully she will be able to get the help she needs. Street Drugs and alcohol are horrible!! and mixed with mental health it became destructive to everyone around us. I hope you can find what you are looking for and peace be with you my friend.

I'm in so deep by

Hi Emma, That’s great news! 3 days without anything just shows your commitment and going to get some is not loosing so don’t feel bad. Restless leg is the worst this I’ve experienced when withdrawing and I know what you mean by crying. Hopefully you will get some fantastic help from the drugs service and please please let me know how you get on because I’m behind you 1000%. Something take time and we don’t always get it the first few time! Good luck on your appointment

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Overwhelmed and exhausted by

Sadly you know this but he’s not going to stop and will continue. I’m sure you love him deeply as my wife did me but you need this advice. Moving to the next step is the only thing that will really help him because what your doing now has become acceptable to him. No one can force you to get out but it is probably the only thing that may help him. I know you will be thinking about this the same time next year, the next 5 years until the worst. Help him by taking ACTION. He’s an addict and that’s how we work and unless he commits to reality and has regular treatment and drug testing then it will never work. He maybe attending but he’s not listening. It’s really hard to break away. Ultimatum is a horrible word and love has no limits.

I’m so upset not sure what to do for the best? by

Gil, Morning, I want you to know that your story is not new and very concerning. As you already know physical contact is never acceptable in any circumstance and regardless of his explanation for blacking out which in my extensive experience I know to be unrealistic. Anyway, your not going to be able to help him with his addiction because your too close to him. Absolutely 1000% he’s deep in a physical and mental addiction that needs professional help and his GP or local addiction ctr is his first step to get the help he needs. Please please don’t get yourself into a long term abusive situation because his behaviour will definitely not change and he is fully aware of what he has done to you but can’t control the addiction. Firstly, You need to stay safe ! But you need to insist on him getting help for his addiction and don’t take “no I’m not” because he is. If you fear telling him then do it in a public place or write him a letter. I guarantee you he will never escape cocaine or alcohol on his own as it’s not possible. And do not EVER let him put his hands on you again!!!!! If you live in the same house then find an alternative because it’s just a house. I’m sure he’s a nice person without the poison but first he needs to stop everything to become that person. I wish you the best of luck.

Codeine and alcohol addiction male in 30s by

I know, I known, but listen! Your not going to loose what you have because you don’t have anything at the moment other than aloneness. You will loose it if you don’t work towards getting free. I have a friend who was in your same position who switched to vodka in a morning for breakfast lunch and dinner. He’s a dentist and was totally addicted to Nurophen+ and was taking 50 pills a day. He ended up in a coma but survived, lived to tell the tale and 8 weeks later switched to the vodka. His addiction wasn’t fixed in 8 weeks despite what people may have thought but it was his mental health that broke him. He’s finally free after holding his hand up and saying to his family and GP that he wasn’t strong enough to beat an addiction on his own especially so quickly. I’m not saying that you need to start telling the world but turn to your wife and explain that you can’t do this alone. Anyone?

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