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Should we tell our dad about my brother's drug use? by

Hi, as an addict I can just say you're doing the right thing by giving him non judgemental support. I wouldn't tell your Dad as it would only add to everyones stress that you all must be going through. From personal experience I would say if hes already had some or it's the day after, it's going to make him feel worse if you're having a go and hes more likely to use again. And I know partners of addicts have every right to get angry and upset, I just think it's best to pick a better time. What works for me is my partner checking on me loads and giving me no good reason at all to buy it. Its reduced my amount so much and although I still buy a little occasionally, the guilt I feel if she finds out or if I get it with her knowing just kills the high and pretty pointless. It's just about giving him support whilst making sure he knows how much it hurts you all when he uses, without making him feel like hes no good. It's the hardest thing in the world to beat but with my partners amazing support and because she is the kindest person you would ever meet I have to win more battles then I lose with the devils drug, and will never give in. I hope your brother fights harder

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Just when you think things cannot get any worse ....... by

Hi Central Scot As I've mentioned here before I'm an addict and recognized a few months back I was becoming distant, moody etc. But I don't believe that it should lead to cheating, your basic awareness and morals are still with you when high. I love my fiance so much that I've put things in place to make it extremely hard to get as easily as I could. He needs to be stronger which is easy to say when the urged kick in but if he puts barriers in place knowing he will crave in a day or two, he can actually outwit his brain. Working for me as there's no way I'm losing my love over it. I also know plenty of friends that have regained control it's not always a sad ending as it seems on here

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Looking for advice by

Hi. As an addict myself I can confirm your husband will say anything to get what he wants, it's not that he wants to be this way its just the coke has taken over. I suggest when he is feeling the least cravings and most determined, normally the early morning after, that you ask him to delete the numbers and make him ask anyone he knows that can get it to help him by not selling to him until at least a few months. That has helped me cut right down but for me if I know that in some time in the future I can use again with control back on my side and with extreme caution, its not as daunting as the thought of never feeling the initial buzz again. It's a extremely dangerous drug, and this is coming from a successful middle aged family man. Any questions you have I will answer honestly

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