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Do I accept he doesn't want to give up? by

It’s really good to hear everyone’s stories. It’s good to know there are people who understand the struggles we face. So my OH is back to drinking every day.. Most days he drinks but not to a point of being extremely drunk, but there are some days that he will go on a real bender.. I hate those days. I’ve had to call the paramedics to him at least 3 times (this was before rehab). This was because he was too ill to actually stomach any alcohol and subsequently went into withdrawals, which is extremely dangerous. So he had a seizure, and I’ve also experienced him having the DTs - Very dangerous. He is having sessions with an alcohol support worker now, to help him reduce his daily intake, but I’m yet to see that happen. There is always an excuse... I just wonder why he bothered getting in touch with alcohol services if he’s not going to work with them.

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Boyfriend help! by

Hi, Sorry to hear this, its a miserable situation. I actually wrote a reply to you, then deleted it as I felt I wasn’t qualified to give the advice, when im in a relationship with an alcoholic! Im good at giving advice, but dont take it myself. I think the cold hard truth here is, he will not change if he doesn’t want to. You can’t do it for him. You have to decide if you can carry on like this? Have a talk with him, let him know how bad things have got for you.

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