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Can someone quit Cocaine on their own? by

Hi Annie, I was in a similar situation to you. I am with a recovering addict. & on so many occasions he told me that he could beat his addiction on his own and didn't need help. But after hearing that over and over each time he messed up I realised it was just a way of getting me off his back / a form of denial of how bad his addiction is. I no longer believed him & kept expressing to him that he needs help & is in denial. He is currently going to therapy. Still a long road ahead but his finally admitted he needs help & is actively trying to get better.

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Cocaine addicted partner by

Hi Billie. I'm in a very similar situation. Me and my partner have been together a year & he also went from being a casual user on weekends to just using cocaine on his own. He also will just drive around whilst using, so I can confirm that this is not out of the ordinary. Many times I have witnessed him driving around whilst on coke. I've learnt that this is due to drug induced psychosis, which can cause severe paranoia so he feels like he constantly needs to be moving because he thinks his being followed. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's took a year of alot of pain & arguments for him to realise he needs help. He is now going to therapy every week & I am in full control of any money that comes into the house. He needs to be willing to change hun or unfortunately it's going to be the same cycle over and over again. I hope this helped. Much love.

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