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Boyfriend addicted to cocaine by

I have been with my Bf for 6 years and what started as weekend use of coke ended up becoming an addiction a few years back. At one point it got really bad, he was stealing and would give dealers his things (phone etc) until the next day when he could get the money to pay them (or more often I’d end up having to pay them). He accepted that he had an addiction and tried to get help, and to some degree he has made progress. He is no longer missing work all of the time and he doesn’t spend all of his money on it. However, the problem now is that I think he is using a couple of evenings a week, but he very often won’t admit it. I think it’s only small amounts because he is still functioning and going to work etc but it’s enough that I notice the little changes in him that make my heart sink. He only admits it now when he has a bad patch and there is no way of denying it. Deep down I know he is using weekly but when i ask him he will lie about it and get upset and angry, so I now stay quiet about it even though it’s killing me inside. Sometimes I worry that I’m so consumed by it that I’m just paranoid 24/7 even when he hasn’t actually used that day. I want to support him and I understand that he has an addiction but equally I feel like I can’t live a life like this and I’m worried that it will never get better. It’s such a lonely feeling and I can’t tell any of my family or friends about it out of fear of being judged. Has anyone ever been in a situation like this? Does it ever get better? I’m not sure what to do anymore. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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