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To make it worse. He’s now sat ignoring me saying how he can’t be arsed to argue with me and that this is why he didn’t tell me because I react like this? I’m sorry but what else does he expect? Literally I think they are deluded. I love him to pieces and I know he loves me, but how many times am I meant to deal with this? The anxiety I’ve had over the last few days have been horrendous, I attend counselling just to try feel better in myself.. How can he do this to me, maybe this is time to walk?

I don’t know what to do :( by

Hey, I have been in your situation, it’s awful I thought I was going insane. My boyfriend used to gaslight me too, saying I was crazy and that things I saw wasn’t true. It was mental but I stuck by my word always. I knew I was right and one day after months I got my evidence and confronted him. He admitted to everything and I left, got a one way abroad and told him I was done. That broke me but I needed to get away for myself. I wouldn’t be with someone who took drugs especially behind my back!! Anyway fast forward to now we’re in a great place, he said he would do anything to get me back so he did, he sorted everything including stopping the drugs, cut off friends, off social media etc. He occasionally smokes weed to help him sleep but the cocaine has been out the picture for 6+ months now. He’s a changed man, I have home drug tests if I have any worries and he knows I’ll be gone if it happens again, it took a lot for me to come back but I love him so much and he’s amazing, but I hated him when he was on that crap. All I can say, and advise for you is stay strong, so what’s right for you. Give him the ultimatum, it’s YOUR house and it is not acceptable to have drugs dropped off, you won’t tolerate it. He quits or you leave. Too many people are suffering and it’s not ok. Always here to talk xxx

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Nope not really, we have my friends and their boyfriends (that are actually decent men!) but other than that he doesn’t see or really speak to his own friends. Which I think has done him good. I’m hoping once lockdown is over and he can go back to the gym etc he will meet new nice friends 🤞🏼.. He knows they aren’t his friends anyway, they are on the wrong path and if he goes back to his old ways he know I’ll leave. So it’s his choice really. xxx

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Hey, As you can see from my own posts, I was in this situation. My partner was taking cocaine behind my back for months. Lied, even when I knew the truth. Eventually it all came to light and he admitted everything. Several weeks went by & we were great. Then he did it again and lied. I’d had enough. I left him. Told him to sort his life out. I’d been the supportive girlfriend, did everything I could but I was done. I’m not into drugs never have been and never will. I’ve seen firsthand how the awful the stuff is and the effects it has on people and their families. They become selfish, deceitful and manipulating when taking it. After leaving my partner he did infact sort himself out and he’s now 6 months clean. I’m very proud of him but they needs to want to stop for themselves. All I can offer you in advise is to stick to your word, you sound like a very supportive boyfriend and she’s very lucky to have you. Addiction is hard. If you see no change, then? You deserve to be happy and not always looking over your shoulder. I hope she manages to see the light also, she’s been using for a long time and that habit I’ve heard is very heard to get out of especially when your surrounded by it. Xx

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