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Letting Go by

I agree with the reply above. I’m an addict (Not cocaine), painkillers. I’ve started a taper plan with the help of my partner. It’s your life, you cannot put it on hold, the same way as I don’t expect my partner to put hers on hold for me. You’ve given him chance after chance, unless he wants to change, he won’t. I’ve considered leaving my partner previously because I hated my anxiety/depression was having an effect on her. I’d put the ball in his court, you’ve done your bit, as hard as it is you need let him sort himself out and you need to get on with enjoying your life, you only have one, why waste it?

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He’s young, it’s relatively normal for kids to do daft stuff. When I was his age I went to college for breakfast and caught the bus home. I quit not long after. Fortunately a couple of years later I go my head in gear, got a degree in computer science and earn a decent wage. In regards to the drugs, he’s young, he’s probably going to do them unfortunately, it’s not good but it’s life. Have a good conversation with him about it, don’t try to stop him going out with friends, just encourage him to think twice about drugs. The threats of violence aren’t good though, you don’t deserve to be treated that way. You need to tell him that saying stuff like that is completely unacceptable. Can you go to the GP with him and discuss his mental health issues. I have them myself, hence my self meditating codeine addiction. Maybe they can refer him through the IAPT service for some CBT. Antidepressants are garbage for anxiety to be honest, I’ve tried them all and the only things that work are Diazepam, beer and codeine. CBT is the best natural way, a word of warning too, don’t let the GP prescribe Diazepam to him, it’s extremely addictive.

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Sad by

Can you encourage him to see a GP? It sounds like he could be possible suffering mental health issues, the bugs crawling isn’t a side effect of coke as far as I’m aware. He needs to want to change though, you can’t make that decision for him as much as you want to try. I’m addicted to codeine and trying to taper off, as much as I love my girlfriend, her saying that she wanted me to stop taking had no bearing until I wanted to. The most you can do is not enable any of his behaviour, if he asks for money ensure that it’s being spent on food etc, don’t give him money as it will most likely go on drugs. Good luck, I hope he gets the help he needs

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Turning to Codeine and Diazepam by

Hi, I need some advice. I suffer from OCD and anxiety, sometimes it is pretty bad, I can spend hours doing rituals or seeking reassurance, I’m on Prozac but I’ve yet to see much help, I started 6 weeks ago. The problem is, I’ve started to turn to drugs. I got a script for Diazepam which I’ve started to abuse and I’m already considering ways to buy illegally once it’s gone. I’ve also been taking Codeine phosphate, only 120MG a the moment. I’ve also started taking Marijuana almost everyday. I’m worried because my current mindset is ‘I feel terrible, but it’s okay, I’ll take some tablets/weed later and I’ll be able to relax’. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop this way of thinking? This hasn’t been going on for long, only a few weeks but I’m already starting to think I’m developing a problem.

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