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Hello, I hope i can find help here....Let me begin. This is to do with a Friend of 30 plus years. He has a drinking problem/Alcoholic and he facetimed me last week basically asking for a huge huge favour and he swore on his Kids Life and His mum(who died 9 years ago) that if i loaned him 100 bucks i would get it back as he needed to get away for a bit and a friend of his(who was in another country visiting) said if he got a flight over he could stay with him for a few days.... So i gave him a LOAN of the 100 bucks. Next Day on FB he tells me he missed his flight, he slept through his alarm.. So i ask for my money back and he said he promised i would get it back on friday, he would call me after he finished work.... Please see this all from my POV.... So Friday Night iam in my local bar and iam calling and calling his cell phone, no answer. No Responses to FB PM'S.. So i am getting all anxious and back against the wall kinda way as i cant get in touch with him so the only thing where he would see it for sure was on his FB Wall so i put on his fb wall asking when he was going to pay the 100 bucks back that i loaned him as i need it and if people saw it(which they did) it would give him added push to give me it back...My Money. Next Day, he sends me a message saying he never got paid and his ex was not happy as he couldnt give money to her for the kids and he had said he would , said he barely had any food in the house and had no money... And i had said before he could pay it back before the end of august as in noy to pressure him but Bars here opened on July 15th and in all honesty i went over the top being in the pub a lot and buying lots of food and when i looked in my bank account, i saw i had went to far so i decided i wanted my money back quicker as i want to build up my savings. My Cousin was at a night out with his little brother and others and his lil bro said his big bro had got money off me and my cousin was in disbelief and very kindly said in a fb pm the next morning he would loan me it which was wonderful of him. He told me Never to give the guy money as you never get back/is a lot of trouble getting it back and it's for Alcohol. I have heard he gave different stories to people about where he was going.. My other cousin says he owes other people money. He has been sending me various angry fb pm's how i have humiliated him on fb, saying what if he had been lying dead and what if his little girl was at hospital cos he left his phone in the house. He also says he a lot of people think I am out of order for putting that message on his wall, He also said i slandered him when i all i did was tell the truth after i couldnt contact him in other ways. I left him this final message and will not be responding to any others "I am honestly heartbroken how i have been treated by you, i truly am, My Conscience is clear, i should have got that £100 back right away, it was for a plane ticket and nothing at all else,defo not for booze, i had no other way of contacting you and i knew for sure you would see on your wall, im not psychic, i had no idea where your phone was. I do not care one hoot who think i was out of order, they were not in my shoes. I never slandered you, i only told the truth. You have to look at your drinking, please i think you are going too far with it, i beg you to get help. I am not being guilted by this from you, i have nothing to feel guilty about. I'll stay away from you and you stay away from me(As much as it truly saddens me to say that) and we are both happy then. I honestly cant get over this from you. Give my £100 to .... and i will get it from her. Honestly Heartbroken iam. you want hurt, i am Heartbroken beyond hurt with this. I am not going to give into Bitterness with this, i wish nothing but the best for you and wish you well. Namaste." Your Thoughts on this Please.

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