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Thank you both for your replies, I did find comfort that you understand. It's such a horrible situation because there is no win... I leave her to it and I'm in despair and when I try to be there for her she throws it in my face and hurts me to the core. It's all a huge mess. Like I said she has always been a non-functioning alcoholic (due to many traumatic life events) and has dabbled with all sorts of drugs, anything she can get her hands on. She has been in and out of rehab and has catagorically told me she does not want to get better... she has told me so many times, don't bother because this is how I want to be. She enjoys the lifestyle... it was when she came into the money that it all went so badly wrong... usually, if she didn't have money for a drink (I certainly would never give her money), she would withdraw for a few days (or however long until she got some money) and then go crazy again... but the periods of her having no money were a slight break where she would be OK again. But with this money there is none of that because she can always have more and more and more. It sounds insane (and please don't see this as a reflection on me as I find it just as insane as anyone else would) but it's actually my ex partner that has been getting the crack for her (probably in an attempt to punish me after we split) and of course all the old 'mates' have come out of the woodwork now she has some money... didn't care whether she was alive or dead before the money and now she has a house full. I have heard from various family members who have tried to help her in recent months that she has been nasty to them and told them to **** off and so everyone has given in now... however my aunty got in touch with me earlier today and said she has been trying to ring her for about a week now and can't get hold of her so she is going round tonight... she honestly can't last much longer living this life.... the last time I saw her she was emaciated and literally on another planet, she has a list of ailments and like I said she's 60 now so I feel like every time a family member gets in touch with me it's to tell me the news I really don't want to hear.

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