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Cocaine and alcohol link. by

Long post.... Im in a similar situation. Actually joined to discuss the whole ‘half a bottle of Prosecco - someone make the call’ issues. Thing is, myself and my partner are exactly the same. We are such bad influences on each other. Aim to go out for a couple of drinks with friends. Then it’s me and him standing in our kitchen shaking at 9am next day. Been a drug user of some kind since 15 years old. Smoked a HELL of a lot of weed up until age 29. £200 plus a week spent (I worked 2 jobs at the time to afford it at around 21 years of age). Became a weekend offender on the pills (eccies) by 17. Dropped them for a speed habit at 19. Dropped that for prescription pills in early to mid 20’s. Started using cocaine every weekend at 25 (this was when I met my partner - he had lived a very similar youth). Quit weed (the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the best thing - became 100 times the person I was). But I just cannot shake the lines with the wine!!! We don’t drink much. Last year I drank 6 times. Yes a mere 6 times over 52 weeks. And every six of those times I got lines. Result? Dying for 48 hours. Mentally ill and depressed for another 5 days. Couple months passes then repeat. Basically I’ve came to the conclusion I just shouldn’t drink. I like feeling normal. I have a very demanding job running my own business, a child, I like to keep fit, walk a few miles every day. When I do this to myself it takes 2 weeks in total to start feeling like myself again. So my advice? To you and me.... give up alcohol. If not for good for a very very long time. 6 months is not going to cut it. It needs to be more than that (I’m proof of that theory). Go climb mountains, visit beautiful places, go out for dinners and stay in nice hotels. Just stay the hell away from booze. That is the trigger. Nothing else. It’s gonna be hard. Even if like me you don’t do it a lot. You hear that song on the radio, it’s been a rough week, just wanna ‘get on it’ with your pals. DONT. You and I we have a choice. Let’s start making the right one.

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