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My boyfriend is addicted to cocaine, how do I help him? by

I can’t ever thank you enough for this response. I’m sitting it bed having a good cry right now. Thank you for understand and I’m truly sorry you’re feeling this pain, because it’s painful. I feel like I’m grieving for someone who is alive. Exactly what you said, either way I’m sad and scared because if I decide to forgive it means this will happen again in the future, this will not be the last time and I would be fooling myself if I did. But I feel like he isn’t going to come back this time now. It’s as though he wanted me to end it. Ever since lockdown he has found me a bit boring, we would always be out having fun, having drinks at the pub. Ever since not being able to go out and do all of this he always tries to get me to drink with him at home, I don’t because I don’t enjoy that I like to social drink and secondly because I want to help him by not encouraging. I’m 24 & he’s 36, I just want to shake him and scream and say ‘why don’t you dare why just why’ but I know you cannot make someone care. Hopefully one day this will all be a distant memory. I can’t thank you enough for replying to me on here and taking the time to share your similar experience. I was a bit scared to use something like this. If you would also like to talk please just give me a message, thank you so much again. I really hope things will get better and he will one day come to his senses but until then you just do you because you seem a wonderful person xx

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Cocaine ruined my relationship by

I’m so sorry this has happened to you. You’re a wonderful woman. I have just seen and learnt for the first time my partner has a cocaine addiction and I am breaking. You cannot save someone that doesn’t want to be saved, but no matter how much people will say this it doesn’t stop you from trying to help them. All I know is you need to focus on you because you’ll loose yourself trying to save him. I hope you will be okay & stay strong. X

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