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Desperately need help with my 19 year old daughter by

My daughter started a relationship with a lad over a year ago and at first we thought he was a great lad But a few months I started to notice a difference in there behaviour. They went from seemingly having a normal relationship to be up all night and passed out all day hundreds of tissues all over her room. Her friends approach me also as they had noticed a difference in her. She’s been telling lots of lies to everyone one. She had all the behaviour traits of taking drugs but my husband told me I was being ridiculous. I eventually found evidence in her bedroom of several empty bags of cocaine. I confronted her and she then left home and has been living with her boyfriend for the last 2 months. I have barely seen or spoke to her as she refuses to speak to me and my husband. But for the brief time I have seen her I can see she has gone further into decline she’s lost weight she’s constantly got a cold. He’s lost his job and she has gone part time. She’s totally obsessed with him and believes he is the only that cares. I’ve since found out as well he is a dealer. My question is how can I get through to her. I send her messages every day telling her how much I love her and for her to come home. I’ve rang helplines and they said there’s nothing I can do as she is an adult and I can’t force her home. But I can’t sit here and watch her kill herself. Please help

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