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Heartbroken and need help by

Another goal though there!! Even if you don’t like speaking up you did it!! 😂😂 love that! Yeah hurts like hell when you know the relationship was good and no reason to leave other than the biggest grip on the brain possible! Fighting a losing battle from the beginning I think I was, without being defeatist obviously as I don’t give up easily and would help anyone if they asked, but got to want the help like everyone says, think he knows deep down I would always be there for him if he ever needed me

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Lies boyfriend by

Hi Sazjun, how are you doing?? Our stories are very similar, my relationship has also been very on/off, minus the verbal outbursts but he ups abs leaves doesn’t speak to me for weeks, how often is your partner doing cocaine? If he is out doing it in the car in a few minutes break away he could be doing it quite a bit more than you think and that’s not me trying to upset you at all it’s just the harsh truth unfortunately this drug grips good people and they turn into strangers! You sound lovely and a bit lost and believe me I know that feeling all too well!! Sending you lots of support your way! It’s tough going through this but your not alone! Stand up to him and be a strong woman we got this more than we know! Don’t let him work back in till you know he is on the right track or it will continue to happen, mine hasn’t come back yet and that was 6 weeks ago, he has done this like I say quite a number of times and each time I take him back thinking this is surely the last time! I do it because I love him and see the good in him but have to ask yourself sometimes do they see all the good in us...answer is no most of the time! Or they do but the drugs do not let them admit it till rock bottom has struck!

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Cocaine and partner dissapearing by

No problem huni, no he went for 2 months, we are not married but could see it heading that way, he usually goes back to him mums or friends he just hides away and does it when nobody is around to see him do it, he owes thousands out and then tries to deal it to get out of debt and that doesn’t work of course then he runs away when things get tough, I’m a fairly laid back person never shouted or screamed at him never told him to not do it because I have been told it doesn’t work, he said I made him want to be a better person but then he let me down on my birthday and went dealing instead so I lost my temper and shouted, he hasn’t been back since. He goes to ground shuts off everything, all communication gone. He will be back lovely but you have to be prepared for what he might say, he has to hit rock bottom and that will be painful. Where does your hubby go? Have you asked him? Xx


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Am I the bad person in all of this? by

Hi Daniiboi, I hope you are okay, please do not think anything to do with this is your fault, your partner has choices and they make that choice, I am in the same boat he chose it over me and his children from another relationship, that shows you how powerful it is what you are dealing with, reach out to people on here and YouTube is a great place to understand addictions, also if you look for a guy on here called Danman he is brilliant to talk to as he can give you clarity from an addicts perspective, you have a new born and 6 year old keep all your focus on you and then lovely, do not give any money as it will enable him to do it, Take care of yourself! ❤️ Xx

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Boyfriend left me to recover by

Hey Davetall, I couldn’t agree with you more, I have gone through this with a partner twice now, he leaves because it seems easier than to fight for the relationship, addiction is cruel and so sad it tears people apart, we always say the good in people because we are good people, hense why we are all in the same situation. Always good to talk to people in the same situation. I hope you are okay and if you need to talk we’re all here mate. X

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Cocaine addiction. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? by

Hi S1993ks I just realised I didn’t reply to you, how are you getting on? My partner ran out on me 2 weeks ago after telling me he needed to deal it to get out of debt, I don’t see how this is possible when you have an addiction, I miss him terribly and worry of all the trouble he possibly is in, he let me down on my birthday and gave false promises and I eventually told him what I thought when he preferred to go out dealing in stead of seeing me and he hasn’t been in contact since, I hope you are doing well and things are better for you, did you manage to get any support? X

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My boyfriend uses cocaine 2-3 times a week by

Hi Hollie, I can relate to you in some way, my now ex partner is using and in fact dealing cocaine 2-3 times a week, we split up 4 months ago then he returned after 2 months saying all the usual things “I’m sorry” “I don’t deserve you” “your too good to me” he admitted he was in a lot of debt with it, his mum bails him out a lot of the time, what I would say and I think a lot of others say in a similar situation is you can’t do it for them, they have to want too for themselves and that can take a very long time, please please don’t let him treat you this way, I’m 34 and if I knew what I know now I probably never would have let him in the first time round and not let him come back a second I feel a fool! Do not let this damage your mental health, cocaine users are master manipulators and very very charming and then on the flip side so damaging! I’m broken as he left me on my birthday after letting me down with false promises, I was 7 months in. My advice would be to leave and see if he actually gets help, I know that sounds awful of me to say like you are abandoning him but I’m not I promise you have to be selfish in these situations and look after number one, I hope one day I feel strong if he tries to come back again. Here if you need to chat x

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