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I would like a bit of advice if u sit and try to have a conversation about Coke that u know ur partner did few months back cos u had caught him out but u still inside wasent really happy bout the circumstances why would he get defensive really o should be able to openly talk if ur realionship was a long one not wanting to talk to me makes me wonder wether or not he really is still doing a bit cos if Uve broken up then surely that is necessary the break Up was on various behavioural and supportive issues and even today when he came for a chat he wasent comfortable to be open bout it

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My partner and Coke by

Hi there thank u for ur read it's very difficult to prove there still using if I have not actually seen but as I said he did I believe stop For a while but all the time I've been with him it's always he's had depression anxiety so mental health probs he's had counciling from our friend who is 25 years qualified that was a couple of years ago for various past problems not associated to drugs but I'm sure that was brought up cos I do believe he use to use as a block out the hurt of situations etc however since the help I would of said myself he would of been much happier within himself and not have such negatives but I feel he seems to want to make a small issue bigger totally over thinking it and it ends up becoming draining which I feel isant a balanced mind and I haven't really seen much improvement of late I got made redundant this weekend we knew last year it would be the case and my son came to stay cos he fell out with he's friend but what with my job and that I just didn't feel the support at all and over 9 years I have given him so much myself I found out today from our friends we went to for the dinner party that the hubby did take Coke along with my partner at there house but not the girl yet yesterday when he came to me for a chat he lied told me both had so when I asked her she told me she had not so I now have seen he sat in our home and just lied to my face I just think is this what u do when u are meant to love someone not in my eyes it sant

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