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I’m excited for the day where I actually have money again lol I’ve got almost 6 grand to pay off my credit card. Id google as much as you can and just get as much knowledge as possible. I think it’s all to do with the mental side and changing how you think about it. There’s always plain paracetamol to take for mild pain and if for any reason someday you need something stronger from the doctors you definitely need to tell them about having difficulty stopping pain medication before and then they’ll keep a closer eye on you. Another thing you can do is think about the hell you’ve been through trying to stop them and that should help. If I was you I’d write down how crap you felt and how much you struggled then hide it somewhere and if you ever feel like taking them again you’ve got something to look back on to convince you not to. I also think that speaking to others who are struggling trying to help them could also help recovery

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Thank you both for replying it really means the world to me that someone has taken time out to message back. My daughter is also 2 and very hard work at times so the thought of withdrawals is scaring the crap out of me because apart from the 3 days a week I work she’s always with me. I’ve been around addiction my entire life up until 9 years ago when my dad passed ( he was an alcoholic) and now I finally understand why my mum was worried that I’d end up with an addiction. I know If I don’t stop soon it will probably end up killing me somehow. I can’t even go to my doctor because I shouldn’t of been taking the tablets in the first place. I got down to 4 a day a few months ago and instead of dropping to any lower I ended up relapsing. I will definitely be stocking up on the things mentioned ready to taper off them. I will get off them! I know I can do it it’s just actually doing it. I keep saying to myself that I’ll never have the things I really want as long as I’m this mess of a person. I want to buy a house and I want more children so there’s so many incentives. Thank you both xx

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