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Well another day and my son has gone and bought himself drink over his family and a home. I feel like crap with what he's putting me through. I'm sick of words that's all they are. Think it's gonna have to be tough love now and let him get a place and hit rock bottom. It's my only option. I've hit rock bottom that's for sure. He's dragged me that far down I hardly get dressed anymore. He's had chance after chance after chance. 10 years is a long time to put up with someone with an addiction. I know if he set his mind to it he can do it. If I keep letting him have a chance but I'm done now he's drained me that much I've no energy to look after myself anymore. Am I doing the right thing telling him to leave. I've give him a month to find somewhere. Can't be no fairer than that. Addicts don't care who they hurt as long as they are OK 😢

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