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Cocaine addict boyfriend heartbroken and lost by

My heart breaks for you. If you decide to stay with him, protect yourself and your children for the worst as it may happen. My story may be one of the best and I have more than 40 years in. Click on my user id and read my earlier posts. I love him - that's never been the issue. He says that I saved him, who knows - maybe I did. I'd like to think so anyways. I'd also like to think that we can stay together without anymore relapses, but he has chosen the drug over me before. Maybe he will again. You never know. My advice is to get out, if not for yourself - then for your kids. Take care of yourself either way.

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Do cocaine addicts change ? by

Years ago I told his parents. He was mad, but it made a difference and helped him quit. My husband had a great childhood- raised by both his loving parents with his wonderful siblings. There was no bad thing that happened to him that caused him to turn to drugs. I joined a support group all those years ago, which helped me deal with it. This time I went to an IC - nobody else knows. This privacy has helped us and as much upset as I have been - being with him and talking through this has brought us closer together. He feels embarrassed and humiliated by his behaviors all those years ago. Now we just want to enjoy the years that we have, which is why we have recently chosen not to talk about it as it just puts us in such a bad place.

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