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Partner going to rehab by

Hi, thanks for your reply, I didn’t see your original post but have just read it now. It makes so much sense to me because I also have a certain amount of anger and bitterness and it comes and goes depending on what’s going on. It’s so confusing when you see the man you fell in love with as he was again but then alcohol or other substances take over. I can also relate to the fact that you don’t want to tell him the truth about how you’re really feeling whilst he’s in rehab. My partner actually said that I’ll finish it anyway even if he does get clean but I told him not to think about us and our relationship but to think about him being healthy and recovering no matter what happens afterwards, I hope that’s the right thing to do! Maybe you could live apart when he gets out so he can take responsibility for himself but remain married and have some kind of relationship? It may force him to live an alcohol free life, who knows. Thanks for the advice about staying positive, you are right, we’ve got to have hope right?!

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