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Goodbye and good luck by

Well this morning everything came to an end , he told me he hasn't wanted to be with me for a long while, he doesn't find me attractive and me having kids is a problem, was very nasty and cold, i do believe him, yes he is a coke addict and that has its own issues but I do believe him when he has said this , utterly heartbroken I thought i was ready for it seems I wasn't, he text me 10 mins ago Said I'm right it is all about the coke now and needs to sort his life out but he is sorry he didn't tell me earlier he didn't want to be with me , some people will think aw well he being honest it's not his fault he has an addiction but he chose to lead me on and play pretend which is one of the most horrible things you can do to someone, feel broken but I suppose time will heal that , but I'm no longer coming on the forum but i wish evryine good luck xx


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Realisation by

I've finally hit that stage where I've realised the man I fell in love with is gone and the relationship is dead, I'm done taking the emotional/verbal abuse , done forgiving being treated like dirt , done making life easier and happier for him, he doesn't deserve it , the realisation of he is keeping me around because he needs help boom I give it , he needs someone to give him emotional support yeah I give it , he needs someone to abuse and take all his frustrations regret shame and mood swings out on yeah I took it all , he has no love for me he only needs me to give him everything he needs , whilst I am drained I've gave till I have nothing left to give ,so I'm done I'm not giving anymore no matter if he gives me a few nice words because they mean nothing now ,he has destroyed my confidence, trust and broke my heart, but the only person who is losing is him .

Why can't I cut him off by

Hi I wasn't suggesting stopping your kids from seeing there father at all , I was just giving an example of how my girls dad letting her down and disappointing her has made her put up an emotional barrier . Everyone's situation is different and we all have different views and outcomes , sorry you feel i was in some way doing the get rid of him thing , I wasn't, if his addiction isn't causing distress or drama to your kids lives and he is being a gd dad then there's no reason why he shouldn't have a relationship with the kids x

Nastiness by

Reading what hell you ladies have been through is making me realise its not gonna get better and why am I even trying ,I have no attachments to him my kids are my own we have none together we down own a house together so why am I even going through this misery alongside him, your both very strong women , I'm getting to that cut off point because more I talk to others I'm realising there's nothing wrong with me it's nothing I'm doing wrong or not doing and also not everyone gets clean and tbh I can't see mine getting clean for a long time ,he doesn't hide it from me anymore it's out in the open and he doesn't seem ashamed just annoyed after he spend all his money and runs up more debts , we pull out the stops don't we shower them with everything to make them feel loved when we get nothing in return , I'm not sleeping just now I'm uo till 5am in morning today thinking of it all , its his day off today I already know his plans even tho he hasn't said x it's a shame he ruined Holland for you hope one day you might return and have happier memories

Just venting as usual lol by

Well the bitch best friend is back ,he jumped out his bed this morning gave me a call ,then called me this afternoon he with her out having lunch and getting a drink they've been shopping all the things he can't do with me , so anyway fair enough then he calls an hour ago they sitting in a pub taking coke he had even given her a free gram lol I can't even get a box of chocolates, seemingly they trying to find a dealer to get more ,I'm sat here absolutely raging wishing nothing but badness on her hoping she takes a bad bag , and this is not the person I an he is destroying everything good about me I have written a it's done text about 40 times now and just can't seem to send it , I hate the hold she and coke have over him , I won't hear from him now cos they will be partying all night , I hate life right now I hate that I love him I hate taht I ever met him

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