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my husband is an opioid addict. feeling alone & need clarity. by

been married for 5 years now. his addiction was long before me but It was hidden until after we got married. we have children, and with him being in complete financial control I have a hard time setting healthy boundaries. my life on the outside is wonderful. he makes a lot of money so his addiction doesn't affect us financially ..yet. I am alone a lot of the time with a man who is always high, I desperately want him to get clean but nothing I say or do will make him want to get sober. I have literally no friends or family now that his drug addiction has taken over. I don't know what to do, at times im such a mess from crying all day and night that I can't even be in the moment with my children. he controls me financially because deep down I think he knows I deserve better and would prefer to leave. I feel like im being caged, you would have never thought that if you saw my life from the outside. I am so depressed with shame most days. first it was a blue opiod pill and now he's smoking fentanyl through some sort of glass bong that heats up to a thousand degrees. I have asked him to not do it in our home but then he's never here and I become the bad guy. can anyone please give me some insight on my life? I came on here not to really ask a question but more for an outside perspective. ive isolated myself to the point where I only see my children every day. I don't have friends because of the shame and my family wasn't much to begin with. im still young but the mental exhaustion has been so overwhelming that I feel tired all the time. pls help me with some insight.

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