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Hi again and thank you to all who responded to my last posts. My son has been in communication with me today said he’s scared to come, hasn’t showered for a week and still has the same clothes on from a week ago! This is not my 38 year old ex royal marine that I know He has also implied that he is suicidal, he is coming down from a week of cocaine but how do we deal with this? Any thoughts gratefully received I know if he’s going to do it he will and I will provide support but the dilemma is ‘tough love’ support vs gentle approach to support his come down after a week of cocaine ...

Feel totally desperate about son’s addictions. by

Hi there I can also 100% relate to what you are going through and am today faced with the same situation, do I kick him out tough love . He is currently living with us my son (38) split from his girlfriend most relationships ended because of cocaine. It’s truly heartbreaking ... He’s been in it for the last 4 days I’ve no idea where he is but have just received a txt from him full of remorse and guilt and apologies..... My last resort is to kick him out as I believe he really does have to hit rock bottom before engaging in any change. The problem for me is that he will commit suicide and I would have to live with that burden! My dear loving son is a good man and a great human being when sober .... It is a dilemma and I don’t know what advice to offer other than you are not alone I feel overwhelmed this week but so so glad I have found this site listening to stories that I can identify with.... Every emotion and all the physical pain we go through I can empathise with and now realise I’m not alone .... Stay strong sending hugs to you xxx

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