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Cocaine every day! by

Hi- I can totally relate, after many successful years of my own business my husband left me for a friend; I rebuilt my life & I’m now earning good money and I have a great social life. My partner and I started doing it as soon as we met, but he can stop (I don’t know how) I, on the other hand am burning money faster than I can earn it at the moment, sitting in the kitchen drinking, smoking and sniffing, I love it too but hate what it’s doing to me, I’m isolated and it’s affecting my appearance and a few people at work have commented on how tired I look, in my head I’m thinking “ I bet I do, I’ve had 1hrs sleep, I’m addicted to cocaine and porn, I had a shower just so you couldn’t smell the booze on me” but I’ve lost my sense of smell and so I have no idea how bad I smell sometimes, even my dealer comment on how bad my booze smell was tonight. I can feel where you’re at, I need help. Badly! ????

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I need to stop taking cocaine! It's killing me! by

Hi- I’ve never been in this situation before but I’m stuck, stuck in a rut, I sit and do gram after gran on my own. My boyfriend is angry with me for doing it but I don’t feel like he understands what I’m feeling, work is so pressurised and I need a release, it used to be exercise but nowadays it’s just drink and gear! I’m spending all my money and I feel like a terrible person in every way! I just don’t want to feel alone anymore