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Husbands DiHydroceine Withdrawal by

Hi sorry to hear about his addiction my husband was on same pain killer was addicted to them and went cold turkey, he had sweats hulusanations he was crying and couldn't sleep . When he got over this he did feel better listened to me for what I had seen because he was in his,own bubble saying he didnt behave in that way he has now been off them for few,year now and he dis get better his pain is still there has tried diffrent meds that dnt give him same affect or pain relief, but he did say he is never going back on that drug its been roughly about 2half 3 year but still needs,a,pain killer for his back but not one that makes,him off his head and drowsiness.

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Theresa by

Hi there I am so gutted now thinking my son is helping himself and trying to sort put his life obviously I was wrong now not going to his group meetings but is going to his care worker as far as I no he has now no job because of his actions maybe in a way its a good thing or not him hitting tick bottom but it could go the other way and make him depressed more to turn more to his addiction to cover up or make himself feel better snt no hiw to help ...

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