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Thank you for your response. I have spoken to samrtiains, midwife, etc etc and although they are all so lovely, the problem remains the same and only one person can change it and she doesn't want too. She said some terrible things last night to me and then rang me at 4am. He face is literally rotting because of the drugs... She has admitted to being addicted to them again but is insisting she can get off them herself. When we all know she can't or she would of done it by now... so now we go back through the motions of supporting her, taking the abuse and then her being back on them. ( vicious circle we repeatedly go through) Unfortunately I can't detach myself from it because God forbid anything happened to her I would never forgive. She has an emotional hold over all of us... I will always thinking if I had helped her that time this or that might not of happened. This time I will already prepare myself for failure but maybe just have a tiny bit of hope it might be true. Thank you for your advice x

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I cometpley understand and goig through the same thing. It's unbearable to watch. To the point I can not bare to live a single more day of this nightmare. The effect it's having on my parents who are already ill ( mum is bed bound and my dad has had 3 heart attacks and now depressed) her poor son who she hasn't seen since July. They just don't care about anyone but themselves. I'm also new to the group so don't really have much advice for you but I just wanted you to know I can relate to you.