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Hi I am new to this website and have joined for some support and advice if anybody can help. In July My sister admitted to us that she has an addiction to cocaine and she went to a place for help to stop. It’s there duty to inform social services as my sister has 3 children 11,10 and 6. But things are just going from bad to worse. My sister has violent outbursts and swears at her children and she in my eyes has neglected them. Her home is a complete mess and her two older children are living with my mum or stay with me a lot. The younger one doesn’t like leaving my sister and is very clingy. All the children’s behaviour is worrying they are behind in everything at school, have anxiety issues and also aggressive towards one another. One youngest has displayed some sexual behaviour which alarmed me as it was towards my child who is only 3. My sisters children have now been put on child protection as the social worker feels that my sister isn’t making positive steps forwards. And the children are sending mixed messsages about going home to live. She tells us she has stopped the drugs and has cleared up her home And started decorating her children’s bedrooms... so why would the social services put the children under the child protection? I’m worried sick about my mum who’s getting on now and her blood pressure is through the roof even on tablets. I find it so so hard to understand addiction and myself and my mum resent my sister for what she is doing and we feel bad as we cannot get our head round the fact that you will lose your kids if you don’t stop! I really don’t understand an addiction and how it’s more important than your children Thanks x