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my journey with a crack addict by

Thank you x I’m so pleased that your partner has been clean for 16months it gives the rest of us some hope that it is possible! I hope he can continue I take my hat off to him x I have a sister that’s a coke addict (daily user) and my partner uses crack I think once a week at the moment x He says he wants to stop so I’m hoping he will I hate it x and actually can’t cope mentally with both him and my sister. X

Found Out My Boyfriend has been taking crack by

Hi 👋🏼 Sorry not been on here for a while…. Hope you’re both ok x When my partner is on it he changes…. He is on a ‘high’ can be quite excited and upbeat… goes red under his eyes , gurns if he’s just done it. Won’t sit still paranoid behaviours. Talks sh#t to people. Cleans up sometimes lol Hyped up But I’m sick of it…. it’s after that drives me mad, not sleeping for 2 days this weekend roaming around looking like death, itching his skin. I can’t stand it anymore. My partner isn’t my child’s dad…, he’s been in our lives a while living with us for over a year she’s mad about him… and this is what breaks my heart. Her own dad is useless doesn’t bother and now she says she has a proper dad. Obviously I love him too but I sit most weekends and. Cry. Cry coz I feel guilty for having him here. Cry coz I feel trapped because I don’t want to break my little girls heart chucking him out. Cry coz I just want us all to be normal when he’s not on it. He tells me he wants to stop but I guarantee you he won’t. He doesn’t even try… they constantly chasing that first hit which they won’t ever get again. It’s heart breaking I can’t live like this much more. But don’t want my little girl to hurt like she has with her own dad. But then keeping him here eventually if he doesn’t change will cause hurt too. I feel stuck x

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Two days by

Hi How often is he using ? My partner is taking crack and although he doesn’t bother me I just hate it. Every time he takes it he says he’s going to stop but then a week or two later he does it again. I’ve told him now I’m going to tell his family to see if they can help as he won’t listen to me. God knows why they do it but the drug comes before anything and anyone and they can’t see it destroying families/relationships x my sisters an addict too it’s awful 😢 xx

by Shell98

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Brother is a cocaine addict by

My sister is also a cocaine addict and I’ve recently found out my partner is doing crack (not daily but a few times a month) and we sadly cannot help them unless they are willing to help themselves. It destroys families and relationships. I am coming to the realisation that my relationship is going to come to an end. I guess that will show what I mean to him. I have no advice as it’s like living in hell. But they need to start by getting the help before we can help. I’m exhausted and so sad by it all xx I wish you luck and hope your brother gets the help x

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Signs they’re using coke in your house? by

My sister is a cocaine addict and I can generally tell by her voice when she’s done coke, but other ways of noticing would be if they smoke they tend to smoke more than usual, won’t want to eat or very little as suppresses the appetite, drinks plenty of booze normally drink like a fish on coke , rambles, paranoid, jumpy. No eye contact, Bank/credit cards might have coke residue in the numbers of the card. Some people just use a car key to scoop it up and snort it. The next day sleeping a lot and v irritable and snappy xx

by Hilton

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Feel like my husband is on borrowed time by

Oh gosh what an incredibly sad I am so sorry for you your husband and son. There really is not enough support available for mental health in this country and more now than ever it is needed. The root of most drinks and drugs is because people are masking or trying to forget for a while and get to their happy place.x It’s Will he look into having a different anti depressant? Or is he on a strong dose already. ? Have you or your son tried talking to him at all? It’s heart breaking my nieces and nephews father died a couple of months ago in front of them he was only young. From drink mainly and possibly drugs. They don’t realise what these poor children are left to live with. I don’t know what to suggest it’s so bloody hard xxx


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