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So sorry for your loss! ❤️ I can’t imagine what you’re going through! I noticed you have posted your forum on the ‘share your story’ if you scroll down further there is a bereavement section and there may be many people in your position going trough the same thing. It’s always good to talk, this forum has helped me although my circumstances are different, it’s like a mini counselling session at times, but professional counselling can always be helpful. Once again I’m sorry for your loss x

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How do I support my husband when he is pushing me away by

Oh the 14k was for private rehab for 28 days and to be honest I think he would have needed much longer in there! His words to me were it’s a good drug to take, it makes me feel good but the next day I want to shoot myself in the face. He will always take it and I know he will because it’s all around him, his friends and family take it and he is not willing to cut himself away from these people. Cocaine destroyed my life and my kids’ lives and I’m still going through a terrible time. He wants to take me to the gutter with him and he’s told me that, his words were I’m going to destroy you and put you on your arse with money. He’s threatened me with social and services saying if he can’t see his kids then I’m not getting them either. He doesn’t care about his kids either if he’s doing that and he is not a decent human being or a true man

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I would never have imagined being here either as he was very much against drugs. I knew he had tried some drugs as a teenager but he had never tried cocaine until he went away to work from home. He said he was offered it to square him up whilst drinking as he drank red wine and could become drunk quite easily. He has told me he has driven our kids about in some states unbeknown to me as I had no idea he was using coke. For years I knew he went through stages of feeling low and I did say to him he should go speak to a doctor and that he may be one of those people that needed an anti-depressant. He never did! I noticed he started to get angry over the slightest little thing and he would talk very degrading of people and I would say to him you need to think about what you’re saying here, I would say it’s like you’ve got a black heart. The last past year and a half I noticed him being extremely cold with me, speaking to me in a degrading manner and would start an argument for no reason. I couldn’t figure out why, I approached him about his behaviours and told him he was acting out of character and like a ned, this made things worse obviously because I was just like a nag to him. He seemed attention elsewhere with taking cocaine and flirting with other women buying them drinks all night but little do the other women know that he actually hates himself and everything about him is just all pretence. I was the best thing that happened to him but I’ve had no support from his family whatsoever so he is their problem now as I will not allow my kids to be involved in a world of drugs and his paranoia and depression that’s been caused by the cocaine. Sounds like your husband has been taking it all along and is too deep into now whereby the cocaine becomes a priority. The girl who he is with is either into it with him or she too is blinded by his lies because he is an expert at it now. The thing is he will never find true love with anyone else because his true love is now his cocaine!

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Aww Dan i am sorry to hear this! Please do not give up and please go to professionals and counselling. You can do this! Do not allow the devil of cocaine to take you! I am struggling myself with my partner leaving and how he has been so nasty with me even before he disclosed his cocaine use, i am reflecting over things and when he said he fell out of love with me about two years ago, i did notice how cold he was with me but he picked arguments for no reason and seemed to hate me for no reason. You keep at it Dan and even being on this forum and talking to people, telling them your story will help and it shows that you are trying! xx


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