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My fiance has a cocaine addiction. Do I stand by him after everything hes done? by

Hi Liberty. Thanks for your reply. Made me cry haha. I have accepted that it's the drugs that's made him this way because I remember how he was before drugs and thats why I cant seem to let go.. I'm just taking time to decide now if I can continue a life like this or it's best to go our separate ways. The drugs itself I can handle, it's the lies I cant and of course now theres no trust. We would have a lot to work out if I did take him back.. it's not going to be an easy ride! Thanks for sharing your story, it gives me some hope that couples can get through it. My kids are okay, 2 year old doesnt have a clue what's going on but my 5 year old took it all pretty bad and would cry for her daddy most nights. Shes getting better now though now that hes been coming to see them consistently and not letting them down. It's so horrible to watch someone you know who is a good dad/partner slip away xx

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My Fiance is a cocaine addict. Do I stay and support him after everything hes done? by

I'm sorry to hear all of that. Luckily for me my partner was never unfaithful when we were together. It was after I kicked him out and he had thought he lost everything that he ended up with someone else.. but he claims it didnt mean anything. I'm still hurt tho because while I was sat at home hoping he would sort himself out he was doing the exact opposite. I do believe its the drugs that's causing them to be this way but it doesnt make it any easier for us does it. I hope your story ends well x

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