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My heart is broken again, 12 years of an addicted son by

Oh I definitely 'coddled' my son too. As a very young mum, who had a period of homelessness & issues myself - I spent years trying to make up for what I thought were MY failings. So although I had rules & routine, I let him get away with a lot of things that I refuse to allow my other children to do. I guess I have learnt from my mistakes. He had access to money from a young age & influences from his dads side of the family. They are drink dependant & his dad has huge drug issues too. I regret the choice of man I made his father, but at 15 what did I know? On a good day I refuse to look back & have regret / guilt. On a bad day I consume myself with it & it takes over. I understand that I did what I did at the time & I cant go back. Living with a child that has drug issues to this extreme is like living with grief all the time, its exhausting & I hear you .

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Son by

Hi. Yes it takes a lot. I had to just take a big breath & post my own in the end. For me, its more about getting it out, but a response is always welcomed. Helps to not feel as alone. I talk to very few people about it. I try not to have too much shame around it as if it were a medical condition we would just chat, this is not much different, its just our society does not understand the complexities of addiction. He is still my beautiful boy & when I share my story (very rarely, with very few like I said) I see genuine sorrow in peoples eyes. That helps me feel like Im not going mad too. Also when things are bad with him I am a wreck so I dont talk about him, then i become ill (headaches etc) & cannot concentrate at work etc. So Ive learnt its vitally important to share with someone. Im here :)

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