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Hi Everyone I haven't felt able to reply as I've just felt so overwhelmed by everything - but then it seems so rude not to acknowledge all the supportive responses. So here I am to say thank you to everyone. Nothing has changed with my situation. I've asked my son to move out - offered to find the money for a deposit on a bedsit and a couple of months rent (which won't be easy for me, but I'll take out a loan or something). He just refuses to go. I counted over 60 cider cans in his room this morning - and he sits outside in his car, drinking cider and swigging from bottles of wine. Add that to the diazepam the doctor prescribes and the 60 he orders at a time from the internet, he hasn't;t the slightest intention of trying to tackle the problem and just constantly berates me for not listening to him. He said if I greeted him n the mornings with 'hi, how are you feeling? Do you want to talk about your feelings with me', that he would be ok. Maybe I should. But I'm exhausted with it all. I don't have it in me any more, because if I don't say the right thing, he's aggressive and argumentative. I'm so very sorry for all those of us who suffer because of addiction. I just wish there was more understanding and more medical support. I'm glad I found this forum, at least. Thank you again everyone xx

Alcoholic adult son by

Hi Lindyloo Thank you so much for replying. I really hope that your son recovers - so many people do seem to have the strength to live a sober and clean life. Unfortunately, my son still doesn't seem willing to put in the immense work needed. I realise the future is scary for him, but there aren't even the tiniest signs that he wants to change. There was nothing in prison - because of Covid, all activities were cancelled. He spent 23 and a half hours in a cell throughout his sentence. Just before he was released, his cellmate got Covid and he was made to stay in the cell with him, so by the time he reached me, he had Covid too. This morning he was out at 10am getting alcohol. I think he is stealing much of it, as he's on benefits and they don't cover much (although I have no idea how much he is getting and I hope he isn't lying about his circumstances). He also gets prescription meds from the doctor, has a daily methadone prescription and then buys diazepam and other stuff from the internet when he gets his benefit money. I'll look at the Theresa thread right now, and will look out for the other recommendations you've given me too. Just to know there are other people out there who understand is a huge thing. You take care too, and thank you again ❤️

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