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Codeine and marriage. by

I will do my research in the morning and will definitely show him this forum. I think he’d rather talk to a stranger about this. From what I can gather he was taking pretty much anything he could get his hands on. Cocodamol and Nurofen plus over the counter and he’s had some prescription codeine from friends in the past, roughly a 40/50 a day. He’s been using since we put our house up for sale. 2016. However he did admit he’s been on and off them numerous times. Our house sale fell through this week and he was so down, I thought he might of relapsed but he’s been strong! Do you want to buy a house? We are desperate haha. When I was unsure of what was going on and what opiate withdrawal entailed I gave him a telling off about him not doing anything and he told me it was just the motivation he needed to get things done. I felt awful after but he said his mood was better after he got up and made himself do something. Him just loading the washing machine brightens my day! I’ve made a list of the tips your telling me and will show him in the morning. Fingers crossed he seeks some more help and advice to aid his recovery.


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