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I’m currently at the stage where i am very angry and resentful. I have put up with an alcoholic partner for so long I want him to see what he does to me daily. My life has revolved around him for so long, friends no longer come to the house, every Christmas, birthday, occasion ruined. Yet he still has lots of people that care about him. People always ask me how he is, they don’t ask me. I’m angry that it’s all about him, I’m sick of keeping quiet I just want to blurt out what a selfish person he is. I’ve asked him to leave next week, I need to take control of my life back but I’m really scared. I don’t want to feel so angry but I don’t know how to get out of it.

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Drink drives & argumentative by

You cannot control them drink driving and if you try to it ends in a confrontation. He might hurt someone or himself, lose his licence and his job but we cannot control this. Remember he makes a choice to be irresponsible. You are the responsible one. Make plans to make sure you and your children are not in the car with him when he acts this way, saying that it makes me cross that we have a pre-empt any decision they make as it is controlling our lives and the children x

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Alcoholic husband in denial by

You are not alone, I have 2 children and been in a relationship for 15 years with an alcoholic. He has had a few years now and then of being sober but the same pattern returns. Your not crazy or mental, they make you feel that way because it’s a way to justify their own behaviour. Plan things with friends/family and your children so you have things to look forward too. Do some mediation maybe to relax you in the evenings. I hope it gets better or you find some peace. I hope the same for myself too x

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