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so I left ???? by

This weekend it got to bad . he got violent and his words where unreal so I took a bag of clothes for me and my kids pulled them out of school and left. in a matter of 2 hours I decided to leave and just left , I've gone as homeless and tbh I'm heartbroken but this is what I need to do. A non molestation order is already in place . I miss the man I fell in love with but hes gone as scary as it may be it's time to let him be who he wants and make sure my children dont end up like him . Time to focus on myself and the kids rather than getting prepared for each come down It can only get better X

when do you give up by

it's just so draining, I'm worried if I leave him he will get worse and worse but right now I'm just full of anxiety and stress I'm trying to sort my own life out getting back Into work after have our little girl and all he does is expect me to look after him on the come downs . Danman83 well done on wanting to better your self relapses happen but you've pulled your self back and that is what's important. keep going I've seen people beat this. my sister was on it for years and she moved onto crack it took a few months of fighting with her but shes 2 years clean with only one relapse shes doing and shes never going back . Granvilley my dad was an alcoholic and used cocaine weed and loads of prescribed tablets we found him dead 11 months ago a month after his 50 birthday he never got to meet my youngest the day he was ment to he had his heart attack his body couldn't handle anymore he was an amazing dad and a great man but in the end he was just a shell . I dont no how you've done it so long its only been a year and a half for me and its slowly destroying me aswell as him . I tell the kids he works away so they just think hes tired when he comes back I just wish I could show him what he could have if he stopped . I have no support with helping him get off it and one minute he wants off it the next he doesn't. he has a fantasy life online where he appears to be doing amazing , his fantasy world seems more important than the reality we live in . sorry if thats really long winded never really spoke about it out loud