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Cocaine addiction where’s it come from by

hi Adam you need to completely change routine and your life - you need to eliminate the pub thats for sure, just while youre getting better. You need to stay away from anyone tha does it. Get a new hobby, go gym, take yourself away from it all. 2 weeks is good - stay focused, you need to go doctors though and get some proper help. You are right its everywhere but try and delete everything associated with it, my boyfriend has and all is going well at the moment..

Opinions please? by

You are right it can happen to anyone - dont matter what you have or who you are. You need to seek help, go to a doctor - even if youre only doing it once a week youre addicted and before this gets too deep you need to act, fast. there are lots of people that can help, my BF has a problem with cocaine and its living hell for me but i do understand its a disease.. that needs to be managed before its too late. You may not think you need help from someone but i really would suggest you do or this will continue and itll get worse and spiral. go to the doctor, ask for help, go to addiction counselling as this really helps too

Husband chasing cocaine lifestyle? by

yeah i think hes probably been a 'secret addict' for a long time - it takes a while for it to show.. i think he knows hes an addict and he probably did try at Christmas time - but obviously he relapsed again. all these relationships hes making with friends/girls - they will fade and he will regret this one day. gosh - the sniffing on social media etc, im shocked. He has hidden behind your naivety - which is not your fault at all btw, i was so naive for ages - i wanted to believe too.. i still half am at the moment, i mean my partner has promised again - given up things that associate him with coke but i wont get my hopes up as i do then it all comes crashing down. definite cocaine use - the whole being selfish, choosing that before your kids - it'll be cocaine benders... it baffles me how people can be like that. keep looking after yourself mentally and your children.. youre doing great xx

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