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I’m done by

So a couple of weeks ago you probably read my post about my husband being off binging again. He was away for 2 weeks doing drugs and staying at his mums while I was at home with our 2 year old. His dad had died and it sent him over the edge apparently - so I forgave him, this past week his come down he’s been depressed, suicidal, sleeping all day - I’ve supported him and helped him find a new addition counsellor/ supported him once again, 6 DAYS on and guess what last night he didn’t come home again and the manipulative texts have started - the blaming me for not coming home because I suggested he was doing drugs, basically the same old sh*t once again. Today I will walk away from our relationship, this is making me physically ill from stress…. I can’t do this anymore I’m done supporting him, I have nothing and no where to go evehrhing is his but I would rather have nothing than be in this relationship…. It’s ruining my life

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So hard to leave by

Hi lovely Ugh it’s so draining I’ve also done a drug test on him before he said it was faulty, it’s so embarrassing honestly. The first night he stayed out and relapsed his excuse was that he got arrested for having a light out whilst driving home from work lol, an addicts lie, shameful and embarrassing… It’s turned me into a paranoid wreck, I question everything, I re go over things in my head I drain myself… it changes you completely doesn’t it. Oh gosh the fact his brothers lost everything because of his addiction is terrible, addiction can run in families… and you know I have sympathy to an extent for people suffering with this disease but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with does it? Loving an addict is the hardest thing ever. I feel like I’m checking out too but I love him to death because he’s perfect when he’s straight and off of that shit, it’s like a reoccurring pattern and circle we’re stuck in again, but this time we’ve got a 2 year old in the middle of it. He’s out for nights on end and blames me says he can’t come home because of how abusive I am when he’s relapsed - which is lies I’ve tried every way of reacting nothing works, I can get angry be nice etc nothing works he’ll still stay out and be vile. I know they can recover but the chances are slim and it seems that I have to accept this or move on. But the thought of leaving him devastates me for my sons sake. It’s a shame we can’t keep in touch properly to support one another, I climb the walls and feel so alone when he’s out relapsing. Take care xxx

Here I am again 2 years later by

Thanks for replying to me that’s really kind. I am 29 now, this has been a problem since we got together, then clean for 18 months now since November it’s on and off again. You know absolutely everything you’ve explained how you felt and what you used to do was me and is me now, I’m a nervous wreck, I dread weddings, any social event as I know all his friends are Coke heads.. he is 37. I really thought he was over it but I’ve watched him deteriorate mentally and I knew this was coming, I’ve always known.. it’s like I have ptsd too, clock watching, worrying, analysing him, testing him for drugs, checking his car … all the while I am meant to be enjoying life, enjoying our child. I’m not me anymore I hate the person I have become because of this, he says I’m on his case and I don’t stop being negative about him but all he does is think about himself, he rarely spends any time with us, he is the victim. I kicked him out last week after not coming home again, he’s not back and I’m so upset and do not know what to do. Deep down I know he will never ever change but it’s so sad as he’s perfect apart from his addictions. I just hope I’m strong enough to move on and go and get what I deserve. I’m glad your husband is clean… but like you say, you still have anxiety and it’s in your subconscious mind isn’t it. I cannot stand it, I wish I could just enjoy myself at events and not dread any sort of fun because I’m worrying about him relapsing. He lies so much… I’ve never realised how much until now. He says he can’t believe how selfish he is etc etc but it’s nothing I’ve not heard before. I’m bored of it to be honest. Sending you so much love. I would not wish this on my worst enemy either and do you know what - I don’t even tell anyone about it because they don’t understand, so I’m glad I’m back on here too, as you all understand xxx


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Help me please by

Oh shit - no way. you can get back to what you were doing before, but get help asap - get watching your youtube videos and that again.. glad youre back together now, hopefully her being around again will help a bit more now. Yes still with him, he hasnt used coke for ages now.. weve had the odd binge drink issues but hes still getting his therapy every Thurs, which helps him. Thing with him is he has bad anxiety and whenever he gets up tight he feels the need to drink to calm down. You will be ok though, you can do it, get back on here helping people and getting advice.. xxx

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Cocaine addiction where’s it come from by

hi Adam you need to completely change routine and your life - you need to eliminate the pub thats for sure, just while youre getting better. You need to stay away from anyone tha does it. Get a new hobby, go gym, take yourself away from it all. 2 weeks is good - stay focused, you need to go doctors though and get some proper help. You are right its everywhere but try and delete everything associated with it, my boyfriend has and all is going well at the moment..

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