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Cocaine addiction where’s it come from by

hi Adam you need to completely change routine and your life - you need to eliminate the pub thats for sure, just while youre getting better. You need to stay away from anyone tha does it. Get a new hobby, go gym, take yourself away from it all. 2 weeks is good - stay focused, you need to go doctors though and get some proper help. You are right its everywhere but try and delete everything associated with it, my boyfriend has and all is going well at the moment..

by Danman83

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Opinions please? by

You are right it can happen to anyone - dont matter what you have or who you are. You need to seek help, go to a doctor - even if youre only doing it once a week youre addicted and before this gets too deep you need to act, fast. there are lots of people that can help, my BF has a problem with cocaine and its living hell for me but i do understand its a disease.. that needs to be managed before its too late. You may not think you need help from someone but i really would suggest you do or this will continue and itll get worse and spiral. go to the doctor, ask for help, go to addiction counselling as this really helps too

by Danman83

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Husband chasing cocaine lifestyle? by

yeah i think hes probably been a 'secret addict' for a long time - it takes a while for it to show.. i think he knows hes an addict and he probably did try at Christmas time - but obviously he relapsed again. all these relationships hes making with friends/girls - they will fade and he will regret this one day. gosh - the sniffing on social media etc, im shocked. He has hidden behind your naivety - which is not your fault at all btw, i was so naive for ages - i wanted to believe too.. i still half am at the moment, i mean my partner has promised again - given up things that associate him with coke but i wont get my hopes up as i do then it all comes crashing down. definite cocaine use - the whole being selfish, choosing that before your kids - it'll be cocaine benders... it baffles me how people can be like that. keep looking after yourself mentally and your children.. youre doing great xx

by Rani123

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His cocaine and drink use by

take a step back and look after yourself, honestly, there is absolutely nothing you can do. You must not ask yourself if youve done enough, youve done plenty considering the way hes been acting. Were all in a similar situation - when they are on coke they are so awful, it takes away their emotional part, its so horrendous. unless he wants to stop and give up and REALLY wants to get help, go into rehab etc, it will only get worse and youll get dragged down with him. If he isnt wanting it and doing nothing, honestly, walk away.. that comes before anything, believe me - nothing you say or do will stop him, the pull is too much. honestly i have done this ive threatened to leave. ive even left and packed my stuff, nothing at all makes them stop while they are mid addiction. reading your posts, he doesnt want to stop, deep down he doesnt. Him saying you can help me etc its all just avoid tactics, honestly, been there.. he will need to hit ROCK BOTTOM honestly, as bad as it sounds, this will go on and on until something serious happens and he might wake up he might not, my other half did.. he was suicidal, went missing for days and got found passed out somewhere.. that was turning point for him, even then they relapse there is no magical cure - they can only help themselves. Thankfully no kids are involved, DO NOT give him money honestly. i would suggest going onto google and reading through addiction info , they give good advice on how to deal with loving an addict.. its so sad but honestly, the best thing you can do is be realistic and prepare yourself as it wont get better if he dont get help. you will make yourself ill - i did, i was blaming myself, going over and over things in my head, wondering where it all went wrong. you need to take care of yourself xxxxxxxxxxxx take some time out, go for walks, go to the gym, remove yourself from this exhausting situation - we all know how you feel so do come on and chat if you need to xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Lapsed again on coke :( by

Hi all, Z123, don't take that personally honestly the stuff changes people. He will be saying things and feeding himself things for excuses to go do cocaine. My bf has admitted in the past he used to start rows to go sniff coke when he relapsed last time, he was being so insensitive I said I was leaving I even packed my stuff and all he could say is 'I would rather you didn't' the next day when he was crying etc he said that wasn't him speaking the stuff made him like that, his brain was telling him he was fine and I WAS THE PROBLEM, mad isn't it? DNAnon, I'm truly so happy that your son is on the right track..i really wish you and your family all the best. Im supporting my boyfriend and I just hope he stays on track again, but this time I'm not going to be naive, im prepared for another relapse. I know the signs to look out for now, cos the emotionally relapse comes first and for weeks my bf was different and it was because his brain was going into lapse mode before he even knew. I've read up on it all to try and understand and I'm so shocked really the amount of people suffering from this, it's so sad. I wish I could help everyone. Hope you're all having a nice weekend x


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How to help a coke addict? by

Hey.. I am glad hes gone into rehab and finally accepted he needs help. Since my last piece of advice - my partner relapsed 3 times. I was absolutely devastated. hes made some changes now, we will see. I get what you mean, the anxiety changes you as a person but honestly it will subside, the best thing you can do is not live in a dream world like i did - thinking its all gonna be ok and it isnt gonna happen again, you need to accept and prepare yourself for relapses, as its going to happen. do things you enjoy, go to the gym - get out and have YOU time, its so important.. honestly, youll make yourself ill. I wish i could give you some better advice really, but i dont really get it myself - its just the worst thing ever to go through. get out socialising and keep yourself busy sending lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Another relapse by

ive been with mine for 2 years now, i was ready to as well - and obvs i worry i dont want to be an old mum really but i would rather be absolutely sure and kids wont change their addiction either - my friend an older lady shes like 50 (i know her through my hobby) her husband was a coke addict and she thought having a kid would change it, but it didnt.. hes now dead from it - sorry to be negative!! but it made me think jesus christ, really is this going to be my life.. I was so happy before all this. my friends are the same, they dont understand - they come over and think i am being controlling if i dont let him sniff gear, they dont get addiction either. So naturally i have distanced myself from that too. I dont even drink no more to support him, because thats a HUGE trigger for coke addicts - if he wants to quit he needs to make these changes, also social media stuff like that, you gotta get rid of it. its good speaking to someone going through something so similar - thats so bad he locked you out, wtf.. mental - how is he the next day? does he get mentally unstable? xx


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