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Husband with Cocaine, Alcohol and gambling addiction by

Bless your heart - that is horrendous. I think he needs rehab, a proper unit and full time help - he seems to be pretty deep and these CA/AA meetings dont help. They didnt help my partner, I really dont know what to say, I feel so sad for you, as i know the feeling - the trust, the person you love slowly fades away. You need to do what you think is best, walking away from someone you love is so hard but in the long run it may be best for you and your daughter. Addiction is so sad and confusing for the person who isnt addicted, it tears lives apart doesnt it. My partner is going through Anxiety/addiction counselling at the moment he pays 60 per hour and its working. He tried CA and the group meetings but i think it actually made him worse as they were all using. Good luck my love xx

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How is everyones partner/fam members doing? by

Dan it makes me smile reading your posts. You should be proud, go for it. Write a book. Who cares if your grammar isn’t great I think you’ll get there. Your girlfriend probably doubts you’ll stick to it, she probably doesn’t mean it. In her head she’s probably waiting until the next time. I do the same thing. Don’t take it personally. My boyfriend just come in from counselling, he’s so positive about it I’m happy for him and I pray to god if there is one that he has the strength to stick to this. He doesn’t drink either, he’s stopped both as it was always one or the other. Luckily I’m not a drinker myself really it makes me sick so I don’t mind. I like thriller and crime books. Have you got Netflix? You should watch the ted bundy documentary on there it’s brilliant. Well done everyone btw - you should all be proud in 1 way or another. Xxxxx

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5 weeks clean from coke today and thanks by

oh my god Jennifer without a doubt its definitely to do with addictive personalities.. my other half when i met him I thought wow you really do get obsessive on things so easy, whether it be gym, coffee, smoking - there always had to be something... his dad was also an alcoholic and he died from it, so he knows what drugs/alcohol causes, i think its passed down - its baffling. I find addiction so hard to understand, I try and relate - but I just cant I have always been the take it or leave it type you know. Bless you, i hate drugs, they ruin everything. People just dont realise until its too late. I have friends that do it for fun and i just think wow you really dont realise the risk youre putting yourself under long term - ive had to bin those friends now, as I dont want anything to do with it. You must always put yourself first, i know he is family.. but your mental health is important too. I feel the same too, I dont speak to anyone about it anymore - because they dont understand at all and they make stupid comments about it, i would rather come on here and speak to people who truly understand. My mum is so judgemental on the subject she tells me to run a mile, not that easy though when we live together. Mines gone 4 weeks now, not relapsed - hes having counselling once a week - its expensive.. but so far seems positive. He was relapsing sniffing like every 2 weeks - dont help that his friends are all idiots that offer it to him. So hes cut them off too. I just live in fear thats the problem, waiting for another relapse - have to avoid going out drinking etc, dont really see my friends. Ah I dont know, I am staying strong and positive at the moment. He really wants it and this is the last chance really for me, i cant keep going through this. I want to start my own family. Life is on hold atm. Reading some of these stories on here truly terrifies me.... as i worry he will get treatment, give up, recover and then years down the line bam 1 line and its all back to square one...................


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Coccaine addiction by

Hi Lou, No problem.. bless you. You really do want to believe it more than anything I was the same at first and I completely believed him and its so hard to accept as we dont realise what it feels like to be addicted, I want to scream and shout at my bf about it as nothing good comes from it at all. It just ruins everything, eventually they become completely emotionless and live a life of lies. Its completely horrendous, some of the things ive read on here its heartbreaking, you literally lose everything eventually unless youre willing to change your life, it cant be easy. I try to understand, but i dont and i dont think i ever will... i havent ever been addicted to anything so find it hard to understand. He will lie, they are usually such good liars, i mean for his wife to leave him - it must have gotten REALLY bad.. I think you need to say to him go, sort your life out, seek professional help. The first step is going to the doctors, he needs to really really want it.. or he'll never be able to change. Addiction is mind boggling. I have read up on it and watched endless clips online about it and its sad, as apparently when it gets you its not curable - how scary is that?!! I struggle to believe that really.. I know it can be managed and people do go sober but it lingers i think, there is always that risk - and its everywhere these days, so its hard. My boyfriend is going to addiction therapy, he relapses every 3/4 weeks and every time i am left devastated. My story is nothing compared to some on here - some peoples husbands have left them in 50k debt and left them with the kids etc, its scary and it worries me so much.. my life is completely on hold. I dont cope really, i have cried, screamed at him, threatened to leave and it continues.. I will leave him if this continues, i have told him this.. I am so done with it. I am 26 now and want to start a family etc. I think if you read through these threads, youd see what I mean.. Dan on this forum will tell you (hes addicted himself) and hes battling with it.. bless him hes doing brilliantly - he really wants it, and your BF will need the same will power to give up. Also, with it being long distance, i think youll live in fear, like I do!!! when mine leaves the house and hes longer than he said I totally go into panic, not good. He went away for work last week and i was in tears, sat at home worried sick.. In a way I think I get so upset as I know deep down itll probably be the end of us. Do let us know how you get on and what he says etc.. everyone is so supportive on here, its so sad as hes already lost everything... i hope he gets the strength to seek help. xxx

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